Christmas Poem 2013

Christmas Poem 2013


The enjoyment I have received from the iCloud is described more fully in the Christmas Poem 2013 I wrote. My wife and I have enjoyed more outings this year than we have since we were much younger!  Here’s a copy of the poem:

Christmas Poem 2013

Another wonderful year has come and gone!
The iCloud has brought our family together as one.
We have made many trips through out the year
While sitting at home in our easy chairs.


Each trip that was taken by everyone we love
Was shared on the cloud in photos that move.
For each experience they had on their outings
We were right there with them in each of the settings!


Being with the grand children at the age of seventy
Was truly enjoyable and just very near heavenly!
We make the pictures of each child come to life
By adding fun captions of love and light strife!


We went to the Zoo with our Sarah and Ben,
And saw the huge gorillas laying in the pen!
We saw the rhinos with the large single horn
It was just like we were there with those we adore!


We were there with Luke at his Barnyard Musical Play.
Luke was mud that the girl pigs used for their sty.
Being special mud is an unusual part for sure,
But any part played by Luke is a young lady lure!


We were there with Zack for his Fun on the Farm Show
Zack was a farmer and the leader of the girls on his row!
A natural stage performer with his very good looks,
He stole the show, but that doesn’t make him a crook!


In the Spring this year, we went on a field trip
To pick peaches with Ben and Sarah’s small grip!
The peaches were lovely and made your mouth water,
And they made a cobbler with the help of our daughter!


We saw the Texas State Fair with both Zack and Luke!
We took some rides that nearly made you puke!
The house of mirrors made them look very funny,
But when they came out they still looked like honeys!


We sat front center for Sarah in the Nutcracker Suite!
She was a ginger bread girl and she was oh so sweet.
Out of the big brown oven she popped so fast
And danced like an angel in heavens grasp!


We played football with Ben, our oldest grandson,
His team was very good and they did win some!
We attended his personal trophy presentation,
Which to us was a very tremendous sensation!


We went fishing with all four of our special offspring,
But had bad luck using bait of gummy worm things,
Then changed to corn and caught fish galore,
Had to make them leave as they wanted even more.


This is just a very small sampling of our many family trips
So find your cloud and let the fun begin to rip!
We hope this year has been good for you all too,
So Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!


By Bill


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Thanks for reading Christmas Poem 2013.
by Hawg Jaw Bill

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