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Photo sharing on the iCloud is one of my favorite features of the iPad. Both of my daughters have iPhones and iPads as do my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Both the iPad and iPhone have excellent cameras and any photos taken go to their camera roll. The iCloud allows you to instantly share selected photos to willing participants.

So we are connected when our girls families take the grandchildren on outings, on trips, to their school activities, to the lake, or anywhere else. They take photos and videos of their activities and share them with us as they take them. We are right there enjoying the fun stuff with them where ever they are and whatever they are doing while we sit at home in our easy chairs.


The cloud allows you to comment on any of the photos or videos shared with you. I comment on each and every one of the shared photos and the family members say they love to read my comments. So we are in constant daily contact. This brings our family much closer together and improves our communications tremendously.


It is so easy to set up.  On your iPad go to Settings, iCloud, Photos and make sure Photo Sharing is turned on.  I highly recommend taking advantage of this, because nothing is better than sharing memories with loved ones. Find simple instructions by Apple Inc. on setting up iCloud Photo Sharing on your device, HERE.


I would encourage all of you to get on the cloud and ride it for your enjoyment! Here are a few photos of my grandchildren we enjoyed this year!



Am I a master builder or what?


Come on up PoPo, there’s plenty of room!


Now this is what Christmas is all about!


Don’t worry Tinker Bell, I’ll take care of you!

Thanks for reading iCloud.

Hawg Jaw Bill

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