Grizzly Bill

Grizzly Bill and Buffalo

Grizzly Bill


For fun, I dressed up like a frontiersman (Grizzly Bill) and took a picture of myself and shared it with my family on the iCloud. I got an almost immediate written comment back from my brother in law Bob ( we call him Buffalo).  This resulted in several days of back and forth colorful comments which was a lot of fun and was enjoyed by the whole family!

Grizzly Bill

Coon Skinner

Here are the back and forth comments that resulted from the Grizzly Bill post.

Buffalo  “Is that really you Griz? I thought you got Kilt up on the Wabash.”

Griz       “Nope, still alive and kickin!”

Buffalo. “You still have that Comanche squaw from down on the Canadian? I think her name was Thunder Chicken Walking!”

Griz.      “You are thinkin of Waddles Like A Duck from Dixon Creek!”

Buffalo.  ” Could be, she was a mighty fine squaw! I think Thunder Chicken Walking was her sister from over to Turkey Creek!  You still up on the Wabash?”

Griz        “Yeah, the deer and antelope roam here, and I found some heavy yellow rocks to make Waddles jewelry!”

Buffalo.   “Well I’m still down on Blue Creek where it runs into the Canadian River! Still some buffalo and antelope here!”

Griz.       “I’m bringing some furs to the trading post next week, Me and Waddles will come by and drink some wampum!”

Buffalo.   ” Me and Pussy Willow will be glad to see you. You watch out for the Crow, heard they was on the warpath!”

Griz.      “I’ll get ole Billy Dixon and his long rifle to come with me. Might bring Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett if you have enough wampum!”

Buffalo.  “Come on down, plenty wampum. Bringing Waddles? Watch out for Dixon, heard he had other long things besides the rifle!”

Griz.      ” He lost that long thing to the Apatches! I’m bringing Waddles Like A Duck so we’ll have to figure out how to keep her and Pussy Willow out of the trading post!”

Buffalo. “Pussy Willow is making me a Buffalo robe, you want her to make you one to keep you and Waddles warm this winter?”

Griz.      “Yes sir Ree, I’ll bring some jewjew berries to give to Pussy Willow in the mean time. Give her a few of them and she’ll really keep you warm!”

Griz.    “Grizzly Bill outlasted Buffalo Bob? Buffalo will never beat the Griz!

You seniors out there can have a blast with iCloud if you use it and let your imagination run free and more importantly become more involved with the every day and special activities of your family.

This about wraps up this Blog. Here’s a parting toon to help you remember old Grizzly Bill:

Grizzly Toon

Grizzly Toon











Thanks for reading Grizzly Bill.

Hawg Jaw Bill

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