Our Music Was Fine


Our Music Was Fine



From about 1953 until 1960 there was a music revolution,
During which Doo Wop and R&B had a fantastic evolution.
Hundreds of groups came together almost overnight,
And wrote and sang those songs that were so right.








Our Music Was Fine



Now when we hear an old song from way back then,
It takes us right back there as if we were young again.
There were almost as many record labels as singing groups.
So it was easy to cut a record for the young troops.








The names of group’s were so cool, seeming just right,
Made up of young men and women both black and white,
I’ve selected several groups from back then to review,
Their fine hit songs that we loved and often listened to.











The first group is The Five Satins sounding so fine,
“In The Still Of The Night” was a great song of the time.
They cut the record on the Ember label way back then.
I love this song now as much as I did at its origin.

The Five Satins










There was a group called The Crests back in those days,
They sang “Sixteen Candles” in a nice sounding way.
They cut this record on the COED label for a birthday.
This song was just great as our transistor radio did play.

The Crests












The Platters were a group that had a super fine sound,
When they sang “Only You”, it put you up off of the ground,
They cut this record on the Federal label so big and round,
The platters had the smoothest sound I ever found.

The Platters













Another fine singing group was called The Flamingos,
The sang “I Only Have Eyes For You” so soft and slow,
They published on the END label for a good start.
As they produced their very fine R&B musical art.

The Flamingos













The Penguins were another group from that era so fine,
They sang “Earth Angel” harmonizing well back in time.
They cut this record on the DOOTONE label for a win,
With a fine hit song that topped the charts back then.


The Penguins













The Moonglows sang their song as smooth as satin,
They sang “Sincerely” giving us a warm fuzzy feelin’.
Tneir label was called Chess who cut that fine song.
I remember the song well even if it’s been so long.

The Moonglows












The Diamonds were a fine group sparkling so bright.
That song called “Little Darlin'” was a spark in the night.
Mercury was their label of which they were proud.
For that, I believe they recorded this sound a little loud.

The Diamonds











The Elegants sang their songs so gracefully and refined.
“Little Star” was one of their finest songs I did find.
The label they recorded for was called APT so strange,
But the song was a good one heard out on the range.

The Elegants









The Chordettes were a bunch of really cool chicks,
I picked “Lollipop”, a good song from their many hits.
They recorded on the Cadence label like many others,
Oh lolly, lolly, lolly,  this is a real fine song my brother.

The Chordettes










As we went through all the record labels, did you see,
No two of the groups recorded for the same company,
There were hundreds of labels popping up over night,
Making it easy for unknowns to rapidly hit the lime light.








By Bill





Thanks for reading Our Music Was Fine,


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