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iPad Notes App

iPad Notes App


I can hear you now, how can a senior citizen derive enjoyment from Notes on the iPad? I find that my creative juices flow better if I am sitting in my big boy recliner with my feet up and my iPad sitting on my stomach. So when I’m feeling like I want to generate something that might be worth sharing, I turn on the iPad and begin to write.

It might be a short story, a poem, or just rambling. It is enjoyable and I do share it with my friends and family. One example is as follows:

Mary had a little lamb. It’s fleas were black as coal.
Everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was scratching so.
He followed her to school one day,
and picked up a few ticks on the way.
The lamb said “Mary please help me scratch” ,
but Mary just lit a big red match.
She lit lambkins wool coat and grabbed a hammer.
Every time a blood sucker jumped off the lamb, she hit it like a jammer.
Soon all the wool and thus all the varmets were gone from her mass.
Lambkins , who was still smokin , looked at Mary and said with sass,
‘Mary I’ll never ask you for help again. You can kiss my smokin ass.’

Wrote this for you Buffy

Occasionally, I post one of my iPad Notes true short stories on FaceBook to increase the distribution. A lot of people say they got a kick out of the story.

Short Story 1. The Snake
In early December of 2010 about 10:30 PM on a cold Tuesday night, I was watching “Human Target” on the big screen TV in the den. Pam had gone to the bedroom to prepare for her bath and I could hear the bath water running. The water stopped and it was very quiet for a while. Then after a while, I heard a long series of the most violent screams that I had ever heard. I thought wildly, as I struggled to get my old wrinkled butt up from the chair, that something had gotten hold of Pam and was ripping her apart. I moved as fast as I could toward the bathroom as the screams continued. I finally arrived and saw Pam standing on the closed commode dripping sudsy water on the floor and I blurted out “what the heck is wrong with you.” She was trebling and finally said “Snnn…Snnnn…Snnnn….Snake in the bathtub with me. I think he bit me!”

iPad Notes App

iPad Notes

I could tell she was scared to death so I walked over to the tub and looked and there was indeed a snake swimming in the sudsy water. So I proceeded to inspect every square inch of the sudsy butt and legs and I could not find even the smallest tooth or fang mark on the large hind quarter. So I told her I thought she would be OK. Then I proceeded to capture and inspect the snake. I found it to be a copper bellied water snake. I believe it must have crawled up the drain into the tub. It was an exciting night.

In an earlier blog post,I inserted a poem titled “My Christmas Poem” which was created on iPad Notes. This is a fun way to spent some of your golden age while taking it easy in your recliner. Get an iPad and join the fun.
Thanks for reading iPad Notes App.
by Hawg Jaw Bill